The success of the young horses hugely depends on the quality of training imparted on them.

BORN IN 2012

  • FBH Stables 2012 Gelding ForeverYoung FBH Peter Pan x Carthago

BORN IN 2013

BORN IN 2014

  • FBH Stables 2014 Gelding Core FBH Cornet Obolensky x Damiro B
  • FBH Stables 2014 Gelding Jaeger FBH Chin Chin x Ahorn Z
  • FBH Stables 2014 Gelding Nimmer FBH Numero Uno x Vulkano FRH

BORN IN 2015

  • Abcde FBH Stables 2015 Mare Vigo d'arsouilles x Grannus
  • FBH Stables 2015 Mare Cassidy FBH Cornet Obolensky x Damiro B
  • FBH Stables 2015 Gelding Chance FBH Cornet Obolensky x Pilot

BORN IN 2016

  • FBH Stables 2016 Mare Hope FBH BigStar x Damiro B
  • FBH Stables 2016 Stallion Happy FBH Cicero Z x Heartbreaker
  • FBH Stables 2016 Stallion Halo FBH Harley VDL x Fetish du Pas

BORN IN 2017

  • FBH Stables Daydream FBH Mare Coleman x Fetish du Pas
  • FBH Stables 2017 Mare Raven FBH Toulon x Damiro B
  • FBH Stables 2017 Mare Clique FBH Contendro I x Argentinus